Tracked Dumpers

Tracked Dumpers

Featuring 360 rotate bodies, our Tracked Dumpers offer durability and low ground pressure performance in a robust and versatile package.

Morooka MST2200VDR

360 rotate body
Weight - 1600kg (unladen)
Payload - 1100kg
Ground pressure rating (unladen) - 4.65 psi
Ground clearance 580mm

Morooka MST1500VDR

360 rotate body
Weight = 11500kg (unladen)
Payload - 7000kg
Ground pressure rating (unladen) 3.84 psi
Ground clearance - 560mm

Morooka MST800VD

Rear tip
Weight - 6500KG (unladen)
Payload - 4800KG
Ground pressure rating (unladen) 3.21 psi
Ground clearance 420mm