Our range of LGP Caterpillar Bulldozers are all fitted with the Attachment Ready Option (ARO) and are compatible with GPS and laser systems.

Visionlink technology facilitates productivity management and reporting.

Caterpillar D6 LGP Next Generation

Weight - 23911 kg
Blade capacity - 3.8 m3
Fuel capacity - 341 litres
Fuel economy - 35-40 l/ph average
Ground pressure rating - 5.00 psi (36 KpA)
Ideal for - Bulk works / Muck shifting

  • Fully automatic 4-speed transmission continuously adjusts for maximum efficiency and power to the ground without added operator input.
  • Full auto shift up and down entire working range to maximize fuel efficiency.

Caterpillar D6N LGP - ARO AccuGrade Ready

Weight - 17997 kg
VPAT Blade capacity - 3.16 m3
Maximum dig depth - 580 mm
Fuel capacity - 299 litres
Fuel economy - 17-24 l/ph average
Ground pressure rating - 4.52 psi (31.2 KpA)
Ideal for - Bulk works / Muck shifting / Trimming.

Engineered to excel on the most demanding work sites. Combining power, rugged components and superior balance, the versatile D6N is designed for tough working conditions.

Caterpillar D5K2 LGP - ARO AccuGrade Ready

Weight - 9683 kg
VPAT Blade capacity - 1.85 m3
Maximum dig depth - 590 mm
Fuel capacity - 195 litres
Fuel economy - 10-12 l/ph average
Ground pressure ratings - 4.2 psi (28.9 KpA)
Ideal for - Trimming / Final grade works.

The D5K2 bulldozer combines performance with reduced running costs due to the tractors smaller size. Its comfortable and spacious cab limited driver fatigue, therefore promoting productivity.