Plant List


Caterpillar D6 LGP Next Generation 22 tonne 915 mm Tracks S-Tilt Blade 

Caterpillar D6N LGP (with ripper) 20 tonne 860 mm Tracks PAT Blade 

Caterpillar D5K2 LGP 10 tonne 660 mm Tracks PAT Blade 

Excavators (steel tracks) Fully Automatic Twin Lock Quick Hitch/Powertilt*/Engcon* Tiltrotator  

Hitachi ZX210LC-6 20 tonne 800 mm tracks Quick Hitch, Powertilt*

Hitachi ZX130LCN 13 tonne 900 mm tracks Powertilt* Engcon* 

Hitachi ZX70LC 8 tonne 600 mm tracks Quick Hitch, Engcon*, Bio oil 

* Optional Extra

Excavators (rubber tracks) Tilt buckets and extra small drainage buckets, Powertilt*

Takeuchi TB228 3.0 tonne 300 mm tracks Dozer blade, Powertilt*

Takeuchi TB216 1.6 tonne 230 mm tracks Dozer blade var.width tracks 

* Optional Extra

Dump Trucks 800 and 600mm extra wide tyres 

Hydrema 922G ADT 22 tonne load capacity, 800mm super floatation tyres, 6 wheel, Rear tip, Tailgate 

Hydrema 912F HM 12 tonne, 800mm extra wide super floatation tyres, 4 wheel, Bio oil 

Hydrema 912F Multitip 12 tonne load capacity, Swivel tip, 600mm floatation tyres, 4 wheel, Bio oil 

Site Dumpers 

Thwaites 4.5 Powerswivel 4.5 tonne load capacity, Floatation or standard tyres 

Tracked Dumpers All tracked dumpers CE Plated 

Morooka MST2200VDR 12 tonne, Rubber tracks, Full 360° rotate, Bio oil 

Morooka MST1500VDR 10 tonne, Rubber tracks, Full 360° rotate, Bio oil 

Morooka MST300 3 tonne, Rubber tracks, Rear tip, Tailgate